Instrument IQ – July-August 2016

By John Montgomery | August 30, 2016

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Test your instrument flight rules (IFR) proficiency and sharpen your piloting skills with this exclusive Skies feature! Examine the following approach plate and take your best shot at the accompanying questions.


InstrumentIQ - JulyAugust2016

1) What does the “Z” mean in the RNAV (GNSS) Z RWY 25 approach?

2) The sector altitudes are based upon waypoint _____; and provide ______ feet of obstacle clearance.

3) What ceiling and visibility would be required to give you a reasonable expectation of a successful landing via the LPV (localizer performance with vertical guidance) approach, and is this runway RVR-equipped?
4) When conducting the LNAV (lateral navigation) approach via a CDFA (continuous descent final approach) technique, at what point should the pilot initiate descent out of 4,000 feet?
5) What action does the pilot have to take to access the standard missed approach after crossing the MAWP (missed approach waypoint)?
6) What should be your course of action upon reaching the clearance limit of this approach (VIKTU) prior to receiving further clearance?

For answers, click here.

John Montgomery is the founder and president of Professional Flight Centre in Delta, B.C., which was established in 1986. A 12,000-hour ATPL pilot and Multi IFR instructor, John also specializes in ground school and seminar instruction. John can be reached at

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