About Publications

Skies Magazine

Skies magazine is brought to you by MHM Publishing, the award-winning aviation publishing company founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Linda Reyno.

MHM launched Skies magazine in 2011. Since its debut, Skies has quickly gained a loyal and escalating following for its fresh approach to covering North American aviation and aerospace news. Through its focus on people and the stories behind aviation, Skies was created to deliver the content that is missing from other magazines.

Each issue is packed with insightful stories, news, reports and feature profiles from all sectors of aviation: business, private, commercial, military, cargo, maintenance, training and more! We go into the field to tell the stories that define aviation and combine them with breathtaking photography, all in one easy-to-read format.

Skies’ audited circulation features over 60,000 readers and includes owner/operators of turbine aircraft in Canada and the U.S., both fixed- and rotary-wing.

Delivered bi-monthly, Skies is also complemented by our online brands, Skiesmag.com and Skies News e-newsletter, giving our readers a daily dose of the most current news from our diverse and dynamic industry.

RCAF Today

RCAF Today is a special bi-annual publication produced bySkies magazine in association with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Editorial content in the Spring and Fall issues of RCAF Todayis jointly developed by MHM Publishing and the RCAF, and is focused on telling the stories of the people and aircraft in Canada’s Air Force. Articles highlight RCAF accomplishments and activities at home and around the world. The magazine is a fitting tribute to the hard work, challenges and accomplishments of the men and women of Canada’s Air Force.

RCAF Today is distributed to DND national headquarters, senior RCAF personnel, government procurement officers, public works, every Wing across the country, Air Force public affairs, and embassies and attaches around the world. The magazine is also sent to key defence-related events, including the CANSEC trade show in Ottawa, plus SecureTech, the AIAC Summit, and select RCAF internal events. Get your copyhere!