Posts by: Dayna Fedy-MacDonald
General September 26, 2023 Upright Aviation Academy: Flying in any attitude

Upright Aviation Academy, Ontario’s only flight school with dedicated aerobatic training, is making general aviation safer by training pilots to recognize, avoid, and recover from every in-flight upset or flight envelope excursion.

Business October 18, 2021 Phenomenal craft: the Embraer Phenom 300E

It’s been the best-selling light jet for nine years running: the Embraer Phenom 300 series. And now a newer, faster, and safer version — the enhanced Phenom 300E — has entered the picture. We dive into what makes this twin jet so desirable.

Business March 31, 2021 The Amaris process

Amaris Premium Aviation has brought the well-known ceramic coating process from the car world to aviation. Its aviation nano ceramic coating technology creates new aircraft super-surfaces that improve overall longevity, performance, safety, and appearance.