General July 5, 2021 Pipistrel Panthera: The perfect personal airplane?

During its North American tour with Pipistrel’s new Panthera aircraft, Right Rudder Aviation offered Skies the opportunity to take the controls of the sleek plane when it visited Erie, Colorado. Here’s how the four-seat, Slovenian-built machine performed.

Commercial June 9, 2021 Conair: Blazing a new trail

The world’s largest aerial firefighting company, Conair Group Inc., is betting on its Dash 8-Q400AT conversion as the ultimate airtanker to fight wildfires and address a capability gap in international firefighting fleets.

General June 4, 2021 Photo Essay: Return of Sun ‘n Fun

Sun ‘n Fun serves as a week-long bastion of aerospace excellence, featuring military and civilian performers, displays, and vendor marketplaces with every aviation product under the sun.

General May 18, 2021 The right fit: A review of aviation headsets

We reviewed three aviation headsets from the industry’s leading manufacturers — the Lightspeed Zulu 3, Bose A20, and David Clark DC One-X — to help pilots and crews determine which headset is the right fit for them.