General September 26, 2023 Upright Aviation Academy: Flying in any attitude

Upright Aviation Academy, Ontario’s only flight school with dedicated aerobatic training, is making general aviation safer by training pilots to recognize, avoid, and recover from every in-flight upset or flight envelope excursion.

Military July 31, 2023 Q&A with Boeing Canada’s Charles “Duff” Sullivan

Skies sat down with Charles “Duff” Sullivan, managing director and president of Boeing Canada Operations Ltd., to discuss the company's subsidiaries, its bid in the RCAF’s maritime patrol aircraft competition, and its position on Canada's future fighter lead-in training.

General June 9, 2023 Conair Aerial Firefighting: Ready for the fire-fight

Conair Aerial Firefighting is taking full advantage of its new simulator platform, unlike any other in the industry, to better prepare for ever-changing wildfire seasons, and is utilizing more modern aircraft that have replaced legacy airframes.