features January 21, 2021 Taming the taildragger

Any pilot who has flown a variety of taildraggers knows of their alluring diversity. Each plane has its own personality — it’s all part of the charm of flying taildraggers.

features January 15, 2021 King of northern skies: The CC-295 Kingfisher

Canada’s new fixed-wing SAR aircraft, dubbed the CC-295 Kingfisher, promises to deliver on its mission, filling the role of the RCAF’s faithful CC-115 Buffalo and CC-130H Hercules aircraft.

features December 29, 2020 Safing the schoolhouse: FlightSafety International

Adapting to the world as we know it, FlightSafety is taking a new approach with online ground school and the flight simulators in its learning centres, all while staying on top of the latest in avionics.

features November 5, 2020 Exchanging an Aurora for a Poseidon

On exchange with the Royal Australian Air Force, Capt Rodney Hallsworth is qualified on an aircraft no other Canadian maritime patrol pilot is flying.

features November 2, 2020 Spidertracks makes safety accessible

Spidertracks and its latest Virtual FDR hardware, the Spider X, are helping to enable a more proactive safety process for fixed- and rotary-wing operators on a global scale.

features October 20, 2020 Regional redefined: Chorus Aviation

Chorus Aviation specializes in shepherding regional aircraft through all phases of life. Now, the company is leveraging its depth of experience to explore opportunities in new business sectors.

features October 16, 2020 Waterloo Warbirds: The art of formation flying

A formation clinic organized by the Waterloo Warbirds in early August was a success in helping airshow pilots and warbird owners brush up on their formation flying skills.