Business June 15, 2022 Looking back on the life of the legendary Learjet

The Learjet was one of the first business jets to grace Canadian skies, and the fleet continues to perform across the country today. Here, we pay tribute to this legendary aircraft following the recent delivery of the last of the line.

General May 31, 2022 What can be done to improve the flight instructor role?

The flight instructor role is often regarded as a stepping stone to more prestigious positions and, for many, there is little incentive to continue the job long term. Skies spoke with flight instructors from across Canada to hear their personal experiences and opinions on how to make the essential role more sustainable.

General May 3, 2022 How Ontario’s aviation unit prepares for the wildfire season

Ontario’s fleet of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft is best known for its forest fire patrol and suppression work, and also supports a multitude of special provincial resource management programs. We take a look at the unit’s operations and preparations for the busy summer season.