Commercial April 3, 2023 The story of Air North, Yukon’s airline

Over the past 46 years, Air North has built a strong connection with its Yukon community, and beyond, that has allowed it to survive the same economic downturns that have doomed many larger Canadian airlines. What’s more, it has become a vital contributor to Yukon’s economy.

Military March 27, 2023 Rescuing SAR in Canada

Many would argue that there is a host of challenges facing Canadian national search-and-rescue policy and governance, with the CC-295 Kingfisher and CH-149 Cormorant programs serving as key examples. Here is an in-depth analysis of the issues that plague the Kingfisher and Cormorant upgrade initiatives to date.

Military January 24, 2023 Tested for war at sea: Exercise RIMPAC

Last year's RIMPAC exercise allowed Western forces to demonstrate the power and agility of integrated air and maritime assets, and was a first opportunity for many to participate in a massive multinational training event.

Commercial December 20, 2022 Air Tindi: Made in the North

Following a recent visit to Yellowknife-based Air Tindi — a vital provider of air services across Canada’s Far North — we examine the company’s current operations and how it may perform in the future.