Military November 23, 2021 America’s angels: U.S. Navy Blue Angels celebrate 75 years

This year, the renowned U.S. Navy Blue Angels marked 75 years of flying airshow demonstrations, continuing their mission of promoting naval and Marine Corps aviation, and, best of all, inspiring the millions of people they reach with their unwavering example of excellence.

Commercial November 11, 2021 Perfect storm: the looming pilot shortage

While Covid-19 may have delayed the pinch of a global pilot shortage, it’s only a temporary reprieve. Pent-up travel demand will combine with pilot retirements, attrition, and the high cost of training to generate the perfect staffing storm.

Business October 18, 2021 Phenomenal craft: the Embraer Phenom 300E

It’s been the best-selling light jet for nine years running: the Embraer Phenom 300 series. And now a newer, faster, and safer version — the enhanced Phenom 300E — has entered the picture. We dive into what makes this twin jet so desirable.