General June 9, 2023 Conair Aerial Firefighting: Ready for the fire-fight

Conair Aerial Firefighting is taking full advantage of its new simulator platform, unlike any other in the industry, to better prepare for ever-changing wildfire seasons, and is utilizing more modern aircraft that have replaced legacy airframes.

Commercial May 17, 2023 A pilot’s paradise: Float flying in the Maldives

For the last 30 years, Canadian pilots have been relocating to the Maldives to fly for the country’s major floatplane operators. We take a look at how Canadian pilots ended up in the island country in the first place, and what life is like for the aviators who took the leap.

General April 21, 2023 Inside the KF Centre for Excellence

Skies recently sat down with KF Centre for Excellence executive director, Paula Quinn, to hear about the process of building the Centre and what future plans include.

Commercial April 3, 2023 The story of Air North, Yukon’s airline

Over the past 46 years, Air North has built a strong connection with its Yukon community, and beyond, that has allowed it to survive the same economic downturns that have doomed many larger Canadian airlines. What’s more, it has become a vital contributor to Yukon’s economy.

Military March 27, 2023 Rescuing SAR in Canada

Many would argue that there is a host of challenges facing Canadian national search-and-rescue policy and governance, with the CC-295 Kingfisher and CH-149 Cormorant programs serving as key examples. Here is an in-depth analysis of the issues that plague the Kingfisher and Cormorant upgrade initiatives to date.