Instrument IQ — October/November 2021

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Test your instrument flight rules (IFR) proficiency and sharpen your piloting skills with this exclusive Skies feature! Examine the following approach plate and take your best shot at the accompanying questions:

SEdmonton, Alberta (CYEG)
ILS RWY 12 Approach

Instrument IQ test

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1. What minimum ceiling and visibility would be necessary to achieve the required visual reference for a successful landing based upon the ILS 12 to a straight-in landing?

A minimum ceiling of 200 and visibility of ½ SM or RVR 2600.

2. The g/p is u/s and you are established inbound on the localizer at 5000 while conducting the LOC approach. At what point should you commence descent to conduct the CDA (constant descent angle) approach?

8.2 NM back from threshold, which correlates to 4.3 NM back from the FAF, located at the ZET NDB.

3. Relative to the above question, assuming a ground speed of 120 knots, what should be your target rate of descent to achieve a 3-degree glide path?

635 FPM, interpolate between 110 and 130 in the table.

4. Is an RVR-based Approach Ban a possibility on this approach?

Yes, this runway is equipped with an RVR transmissometer system. For example, note the “RVR 26” in the advisory visibility section in the minima box.

5. If conducting the Localizer approach, what is the minimum FAF crossing altitude when crossing the ZET NDB inbound?

3400 ASL

6. What should be your course of action upon arrival over the ZAB NDB after completing the missed approach procedure prior to proceeding on course, if you are below the minimum safe altitude to proceed on course?

Enter the published shuttle climb procedure via a direct entry and climb to minimum safe altitude prior to proceeding on course.

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