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Avatar for Annie VogelBy Annie Vogel | July 1, 2021

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Listening to the experiences of others, in any field, is a great way to expand your knowledge. While some of us have more time on our hands as we muscle through this pandemic, a great way to feed the fire and continue to keep ourselves in tune with our greatest passion is by listening to aviation podcasts.  

Skies put together a list of aviation podcasts, in no particular order, to keep your pilot brain in check as the aviation industry slowly begins its come back. 

Pilot to Pilot

Host Justin Siems, a corporate pilot with a talent for interviewing, takes listeners on a journey through the aviation careers of hundreds of pilots. Learn about their challenges, successes, and breakthrough moments as they pursue their passions. The Pilot to Pilot podcast also includes helpful topics like: tips for getting your first job in aviation, coverage of the state of the industry, and its most recent episode, understanding the Warbirds Adventure case — a hot topic within aviation, as the court case has greater implications on flight training in the U.S. 

You can find more information on the Pilot to Pilot website and follow along on Instagram @pilottopilot. 

There I was…

There I was…,” an aviation podcast created by the AOPA Air Safety Institute, keeps listeners at the edge of their seats as aviators tell their tales of near misses, eye-opening experiences, and share lessons learned through hardships. With an emphasis on safety, “There I was…” puts you in the pilot’s seat and brings up questions you may never have considered.

This podcast has all the makings of aviation folklore storytelling, and some would argue the only thing missing is a camp fire. It honors the tradition and heritage in aviation to leverage “hangar flying” as an avenue to pass along knowledge and experience. 

You can find more at and on Spotify at

The Fighter Pilot Podcast

The Fighter Pilot Podcast, hosted by Vincent “Jell-O” Aiello, a retired U.S. Navy fighter pilot, explores the fascinating world of air combat, including the aircraft, the weapons systems, and the people. The podcast covers an array of topics, most recently discussing the Battle of Midway, the P-51 Mustang, and the Avro Lancaster bomber. Follow along as the podcast shares the voices of experienced professionals in the field and takes you on a journey like you’ve never experienced.

You can find more information on The Fighter Pilot Podcast here: and on Instagram @fighterpilotpodcast.

The Pilot Project Podcast

Pilot Project Podcast graphic

The Pilot Project Podcast, hosted by Bryan Morrison, a pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), aims to help new pilots learn what it takes to succeed in the world of flight; help people in the flight training system learn what they may want to fly; and give listeners a peek into life on the flight deck in the RCAF. Morrison interviews real RCAF pilots who share exciting stories and lessons learned, as well as tips to develop resilience and the tools required to succeed in flight training.

You can find out more at or on Instagram @podpilotproject.

The Finer Points

Jason Miller, a certified flight instructor and host of The Finer Points aviation podcast, covers important instructional topics that even the most experienced aviator can learn from. Some of his most recent podcasts covered topics like saving money in flight training, and “the pilot is unconscious, can anyone fly the plane?” These discussions keep your mind sharp and your focus on the possible outcomes of the decisions you make as a pilot. Jason brings a wealth of knowledge to your ears and his expertise in the field is impressive. 

You can find more at or on Instagram @learnthefinerpoints.

Stuck Mic AvCast

Carl Valeri and his team of cohosts bring you the “what’s what” in general aviation. Stuck Mic AvCast offers a mix of discussions on flight instruction, flying techniques, aviation product reviews, virtual hangar flying, and more. Their most recent episodes include topics like summer flying, live interviews from Sun ‘n Fun, and how to improve your landings. The dialogue is great, the topics are interesting, and overall, the Stuck Mic AvCast leaves you walking out better than you came in. 

You can find out more at or on Instagram @stuckmicavcast.


After almost a year hiatus, AviatorCast is back! Hosted by flight instructor and creator Chris Palmer, AviatorCast bridges the gap between actual flight training and flight simulation to give prospective aviators, current pilots, and even the seasoned flyer new perspectives in aviation. Join Chris as he talks to flight instructors, flight students, and other industry professionals that encourage you to be the best pilot you can be. AviatorCast offers listeners a different perspective on their day-to-day flight training and is a fun, upbeat show. 

You can find more at or on Instagram @angleofattack.

Airline Pilot Guy Show

Capt Jeff, an airline pilot and graduate of the Accident Investigation and Flight Safety School at the University of Southern California, is the host of the Airline Pilot Guy Show. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from accident investigations, industry news, and discussions relative to airline pilots. The Airline Pilot Guy Show gives listeners “the view from my side of the cockpit door,”  said Jeff. The variety of guests and fun banter is very entertaining, and the podcast offers a good mix of topics in aviation.

You can find more at or at

Cockpits & Cocktails

Hosts Allyssa VanMeter and Natalie Kelley created one of the only all-female aviation podcasts out there, and they are doing a fantastic job showcasing all things aviation from a female perspective. Join them as they chat about air travel, the aeronautics industry, and more! Cockpits & Cocktails‘ most recent episodes include an interview with aerobatic pilot Patty Wagstaff, Avidyne sales rep Macie Dann, and Culver Props owner Alaina Lewis. This podcast is loaded with strong female voices that you won’t want to miss. 

You can find more at or on Instagram @cockpits.and.cocktails.

The Green Dot

The Green Dot podcast, named after the famed Wittman Field arrival procedure, is an excellent resource for those interested in homebuilts and experimental aircraft. It was created by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for those who build, restore, or fly aircraft for the love of it, or are simply fascinated by the world of flight. Their most recent episode covers: “Airventure 2021: What to expect,” and others feature guests like Bruce Johnson, Orbis International Director of Aircraft Operations and Maintenance; and Beth Stanton, aerobatic pilot. The Green Dot podcast gives you an understanding of what EAA is all about and displays the true spirit of aviation. 

Find more at or

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