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FlightHub offers new self-serve portal

FlightHub Press Release | October 4, 2019

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The gang working at FlightHub is a team of experienced worldwide travellers who know the global travel industry inside and out. It 100 per cent understand the frustrations of depending on traditional customer service to make changes to travel itineraries, book insurance policies and file claims.

Self-serve, is now at your service.

With its in-the-know how, it’s no surprise that FlightHub consistently strives to improve its own customers’ travel experience and empower them with more autonomy when it comes to controlling their own travel plans.

Over the past two years, FlightHub has invested over $5 million in a team of 25 IT specialists to develop a new self-flight management platform.

This free platform offers all FlightHub customers more freedom to manoeuvre and manage all aspects of their flights, all by themselves, 24-7. No waiting on hold, no “musak” in their ears, just a service that allows them to serve themselves, whenever they want and need to. FlightHub believes its customers should always feel like they have first-in-line privileges, versus back-of-the-pack shenanigans.

“FlightHub is a team of travellers who know and understand the frustrations of traditional customer service. The era of travellers having to wait hours on the phone for a simple change of itinerary is over. We’ve invested in and developed a platform for our customers to manage all aspects of their flights themselves, efficiently and simply, and we are the only ones to have done so,” explained FlightHub COO Chris Cave.

Free of charge for all, but not a free-for-all.

This platform is made available free of charge in every itinerary confirmation email, and allows, among other things, customers to be in complete control. It’s tailored and customizable by every customer to suit their individual needs. Here are the many benefits now at their fingertips:

  • Change your travel itinerary, departure dates, arrival dates
  • Make a cancellation/refund request
  • Receive notifications of flight changes
  • Take out travel insurance
  • Check-in for flights
  • Place meal requests during the flight
  • Select seats
  • Request special services like wheelchair access and submit special requests for assistance before, during and after flights
  • Review receipts
  • Update passenger information such as date of birth, frequent flyer number, TSA/Known traveler ID
  • View baggage information
  • Verify credit card requirements
  • Add cars and hotels
  • Technology and humanity, always here when you need it.

FlightHub understands today’s travellers’ desire for autonomy and has now provided them with the interface they need to manage all their requests themselves. Nevertheless, at all times, the company also offers a human support service to guide their customers through this platform.


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