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Octant Aviation, Uzinakod launch Akila

Akila | December 14, 2020

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Octant Aviation and Uzinakod, two Canadian companies, have joined forces to launch Akila, a web application that allows airports to easily and effectively manage their operations, and Safety Management System (SMS).

“Air transport in general, and airports in particular, are facing a crisis that is unprecedented in scope and duration. Airport managers currently have to make difficult decisions to reduce their costs. However, safety requirements and the complexity of operations remain the same,” explains Nathalie Tousignant, president of Octant Aviation and co-founder of Akila.

“We created Akila to simplify managers’ everyday tasks. This way they can focus on running their operations.”

Simple, effective and secure

“Many managers still use paper documents or Excel files, which they manually fill out and save locally. We wanted to offer a modern tool, secure and affordable,” says Pascal Garreau, senior consultant – business strategy.

With Akila, airport managers and employees can fill out reports with a few clicks from their computer or mobile phone. The data is formatted, centralized and archived in a secure cloud-hosted in Canada. It is accessible in real-time by all members of the team, which facilitates everyone’s collaboration and involvement.

“Akila is the only solution that guarantees its clients data hosting exclusively in Canada. This data belongs to them and can be accessed with a simple export containing all their records,” adds Sébastien Daupleix, co-founder of Uzinakod and Akila.

A Canadian product built on Canadian aviation regulations

Akila is the outcome of a collaboration between Octant Aviation, with its knowledge of Canadian airports and aviation regulations, and Uzinakod, which provides expertise in web solution development. The partnership of these two local companies has allowed them to develop an application perfectly adapted to Transport Canada’s requirements.

“When we started developing Akila, we wanted to help airports modernize their practices with an easy-to-use, efficient and scalable tool. When the crisis hit, we realized that Akila would become more relevant than ever,” says Sébastien Daupleix.

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