General Aviation

news April 21, 2021 Canada resurrects ‘luxury’ tax on private aircraft

In its Budget 2021 document, the Canadian government revived the notion of a “luxury” tax on new private aircraft stickered at $100,000 or more, expecting to generate millions of dollars in new revenues over the first five years.

features April 12, 2021 Old airplane, new lives

Five passengers’ lives were changed forever when they rode in a 1930s Stearman biplane. The plane’s disarmingly simple magic brought new perspectives and new directions, especially for one young man who lost his job due to COVID.

features March 31, 2021 The Amaris process

Amaris Premium Aviation has brought the well-known ceramic coating process from the car world to aviation. Its aviation nano ceramic coating technology creates new aircraft super-surfaces that improve overall longevity, performance, safety, and appearance.

features March 22, 2021 What went into the flight testing of Garmin’s Emergency Autoland?

Garmin’s Emergency Autoland has been validated to land an aircraft sans pilot. The development and testing of the system were quite unlike anything Garmin has done before — but it was of utmost importance to the avionics developer to bring this safety technology to aviation.

features March 16, 2021 Exploring new horizons

The light aircraft market is attracting the attention of a new segment of buyers and flyers who are looking for safer ways to travel.