Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing showcases MTP136D panel-mount forest service radio

Avatar for Brent BundyBy Brent Bundy | March 25, 2024

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Canada-based Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing has been designing, developing, and manufacturing aircraft communication systems, loudspeakers, caution and warning panels, and illuminated panel products for 15 years.

During the new product introductions at the Aircraft Electronics Association convention, they highlighted their recently released MTP136D panel-mount forest service radio.

This VHF FM radio provides digital and analog communications on all channels across the 136MHz to 174MHz frequency band.

Catering to the firefighting customers, it has a United States Forest Service (USFS) Project 25 Phase 1 compliant narrow and wide band receiver, CTCSS and DCS tones, and is DO-106G qualified, ensuring the ruggedness required for aerial firefighting work.

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AEM Distribution and Business Development representative Steve Broderick demonstrated some of the features of the MTP136D to Skies during the show.

“In addition to being plug-and-play, with no further rewiring required, its two main improvements on what is currently available are the extremely intuitive user interface and the vastly increased transmit duty cycle,” Broderick stated.

The large, night vision imaging system (NVIS)-compatible display screen was developed in consultation with aerial firefighting agencies.

“The user interface is menu-driven so as not to require a cheat sheet just to operate the radio. Simply pressing the menu button and it is obvious what to do next to edit tones or frequencies or to change other settings.”

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While some radios may have issues with long transmission times, the MTP136D has been tested to withstand extended transmit duty cycles with internal self-management of heat.

“The increased duty cycle allows users such as air attack to continuously transmit for long periods without the radio overheating. We specifically designed and built this radio for the firefighting mission,” Broderick adds.

Other notable features include support for 40 zones and 5,000 channels, USB-C programming and cloning with a standard thumb drive, and programming abilities through iPhone and laptop applications. The MTP136D is available now.

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