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AirSprint welcomes two more jets to its fleet

AirSprint Press Release | December 14, 2022

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As a result of continued growth and market demand, AirSprint Inc., the Canadian authority in Fractional Jet Ownership, announces it has added two more jets to its fleet. With this new aircraft, the AirSprint Citation fleet has expanded to 17 jets, and the Embraer fleet now is at 12 jets—bringing the total number of aircraft in the AirSprint jet collection to 29.

Fractional Jet Ownership enables organizations to transport staff, customers and supplies safely, quickly and efficiently. In addition, Fractional Ownership allows for a customized travel schedule and access to many more destinations than commercial airlines. 

AirSprint Inc. has added two more jets to its fleet. Adam Fallwell/AirSprint Photo

“Owning a jet allows companies to maximize key employee productivity, accelerate the conclusion of important deals, and improve the quality of customer interactions,” said Scott Wenz, AirSprint’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Deciding to buy is a key decision. We help you carefully consider your typical mission, costs, budget and other relevant factors. Making the right decision for your business and its growth is crucial. “

Furthermore, with more aircraft comes a need for more flight crew and support staff—the AirSprint fleet has expanded, as has its team. Currently, AirSprint has 267 employees company-wide, including 132 full-time pilots.

“Private aviation continues to grow, and we are leading the way in Canada,” said Eric Dagg, Embraer Legacy/Praetor Captain. “The standard at AirSprint is high, and it shows.”

As Canada’s busiest private air operator, AirSprint flies more than 30,000 hours annually—and as demand for private aviation services continues to rise across Canada, the company is well-positioned for steady strategic growth.

Whether it’s the hassle of busy airports and delayed flights or the frustration with reduced airline service, many people are turning to private aviation to get where they want to go. AirSprint offers both the flexibility and the capability to address every travel need.

This press release was prepared and distributed by AirSprint

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