CCX Technologies’ T-RX Tester receives CE certification

CCX Technologies Press Release | February 1, 2022

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CCX Technologies’ T-RX Avionics Radio Tester™ is now compliant with European regulations and can display the CE Mark. Having been found compliant with all harmonized and performance safety standards, the T-RX is now authorized for sale in the European market.

“We have hit another important milestone in our aim to make the T-RX even more widely available,” said Chris Bartlett, president of CCX Technologies. “The CE certification is required for sales across the European Community, and we are pleased to achieve this designation because it will open up access to modern avionics testers not previously available to maintainers and technicians in Europe. Incorporating this powerful, intuitive tester into their routine will help streamline their testing processes, saving time and money.”

The T-RX is now authorized for sale in the European market. CCX Technologies Photo

Maintenance professionals in Europe will now be on the same footing as their colleagues in North America. The T-RX lets them evaluate most avionics radio systems with more than 100 different tests. Easy to use, rugged and portable, it replaces the functionality of outdated avionics testers with a single compact unit. Even as new standards and test requirements emerge, upgrading the T-RX’s capabilities is as easy as mobile phone or tablet software upgrades—over-the-air, through the CCX website. The T-RX allows maintainers to print and include test reports into their customer work orders, providing confidence that testing is done correctly for added efficiency.

More About the T-RX Avionics Tester
T-RX™ Avionics Radio Tester is a rugged, wireless, touch-screen tablet that is portable and easy to use with an intuitive interface. Some examples of tests the T-RX performs are: VOR, Localizer, Glideslope, ILS, Marker, VHF Com generate and receive (includes ELT 121.5 receive), HF Com generate and receive, 32 Tone SELCAL HF/VHF, ELT 406, DME, TCAS, Mode A/C/S Transponder (including European-specific Mode S ELS/EHS, plus 8.33KHz frequency spacing for VHF Com). Additionally, the T-RX evaluates ADS-B OUT 1090, ADS-B IN 1090, ADS-B OUT 978 (UAT), ARINC 429 RX.

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